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NTS Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Medical Supply

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Our Services

NTS offers a full line of physical therapy and massage therapy services, as well as medical supplies and wellness products to enhance your well being. 

Call 708-562-0999 today to schedule your appointment.
Physical Therapy

At NTS we help people with:
  • orthopedic conditions such as low back pain or osteoporosis;

  • j

    oint and soft tissue injuries such as fractures and dislocations and sports-related injuries;
  • neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, or Parkinson's disease;
  • connective tissue injuries such as burns or wounds;
  • cardiopulmonary and circulatory conditions such as congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Workplace Injuries and Auto Accidents

If you have been injured on the job, or injured in an accident, the professionals at NTS can help.  We have extensive experience with:
  • workplace injuries including repetitive stress disorders such carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • work hardening/conditioning programs to return you work and restore you to pre-injury functionality;
  • injuries related to auto accidents, including whiplash, injuries to the spine, fractures, post-surgical therapy.

Massage Therapy

We offer a variety of massage therapies in half-hour, one-hour and 90-minute increments, all offered in a clean and professional environment, as well as discounted massage packages and gift certificates. 
To schedule an appointment, please call 708-562-0999.

Physical Fitness

If you have difficulty with your day to day activities, such as bending down to tie your shoes, getting dressed, reaching for items - we can help.

NTS offers individualized evaluations, assessments of limitations, and customized home exercise programs.  We will set up a customized exercise program designed to fit your abilities and needs and work with your physician to coordinate your care. 

No matter your age or condition, we can help you gain strength and improve your abilities.

Home Health Care

For homebound medicare patients, we work with multiple medicare-certified home health agencies to provide services in your home. Our goal is to get you back to a more normal lifestyle and help you regain your functional independence where possible.
For more information, please call 708-562-0999.  

Visit us at our location at 9132 Ogden Avenue in Brookfield, Illinois for a wide variety of medical supplies, including custom measured compression garments and orthopedic good fitted by our professional staff.